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S01-YA-SCHOOL-RYS-200__1_Long Island Yoga Teacher Training is an extension of the Yoga Darshana Center of Babylon.  Since 2001 we have served all in the Babylon community and beyond, teaching the practice of yoga and the healthful benefits that can be derived from its practice.  From the very beginning, we had experienced students who were seeking our expertise as teachers to help them take the step to become a yoga instructor.  Our 200-hour teacher training course is designed to help prospective yoga instructors acquire the knowledge necessary to go from student to teacher.  Our students come from all walks of life and many wish to add the instruction of yoga to their existing careers as personal trainers, physical therapists and other areas of the health and wellness universe.

As the 200-hour teacher training course entails higher levels of knowledge than can be acquired as a student in a regular yoga class, many of our students are not seeking to be become instructors but to simple deepen their knowledge of yoga so that they can expand their experience more fully.  Regardless of your motivation for enrolling in the teacher training course, you are welcome to join.  In addition, the continuing education opportunities for those who complete the 200-hour course are also open to both those seeking to become a yoga instructor and those simply seeking to expand their knowledge.

Our staff of teachers, many of whom went through our 200-hour course on the way to becoming a yoga instructor, are nurturing professionals who not only once were on the learning side of this course but who are also seeking to expand their knowledge and experience.  Because of this, we believe that students of our 200-hour teacher training as well as the continuing education course will receive the most complete learning experience available.  Our instructors know and they also teach the belief that learning does not end when one becomes a teacher, rather learning expands in new and more fulfilling ways.

We invite all interested in our training course so explore our website to learn more and to visit us at our center so that you can fully understand and appreciate the benefits of our teacher training service.

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