Becoming a Yoga Instructor

IMG_3669__1_You are a devoted practitioner of Yoga and have come to realize the benefits yoga are making every day.  More people are realizing that they can have a healthy lifestyle that includes yoga, one that helps to keep disease and illness at bay.  Big name athletes from the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL are adding yoga to their regular fitness regimen as they are realizing that the balance between the traditional workouts they have relied combined with the benefits of yoga are improving their performance and lengthening their careers.  Maybe you can help people make changes in their lives by teaching them the yoga disciplines that have benefited you.  Perhaps you should become a yoga instructor in Long Island and with the economic uncertainty that has led to high unemployment and increased stress for, now could be a good time to be a yoga teacher.

The decision to transform from yoga student to teacher is very interesting with many of the same questions that involve any other decision to start or change a career.

  • What’s involved in the decision?
  • What is the teacher training course process like?
  • What is it like to teach your first class as people look to you for guidance?

Maybe you are hesitant because you’re afraid your first class will be a complete disaster. Or what if the students don’t like you or somebody gets hurt or you are asked a question you don’t know the answer for or what if you’re faced with a silent wall of blank stares?  There are a lot of ‘Or’ or ‘what if’ scenarios but these should not be a barrier to you pursuing your dream.

There are many teacher training programs available and the main differences usually involve location and schedules with some being intensives courses typically lasting up to a month while others are spread out over many months of weekends and evenings.  Some schools focus only on the physical asana’s, while others teach yoga as a lifestyle on many levels, so they focus more on spiritual growth. In general a yoga instructor program could cost quite a bit of money but even those that don’t will require a commitment that will require you to take a break away from the rest of your life while completing the course study.

The next question is how you find the right course of study for you.  At Long Island Yoga Teacher Training, the way we lead our classes is the way we teach prospective instructors to lead classes.  Ours is a nurturing environment that understands that you have made a commitment to share your love and knowledge with others.  We also understand that making the transition from student to teacher can be simple or more challenging, it all depends on the student.  We will match out teaching strategy to you so that you can reach the level of success you desire.